We offer hand-crafted coin cufflinks in several designs.
A matched pair of Roman silver coins or bronze coins set in all 14kt gold. Extraordinary quality and look
Cuff 01…$525.00 / pair

A matched pair of Roman Imperial bronze coins set in sterling silver with a fancy patterned bezel edge. Some pairs feature the front side of one coin and the reverse side of another similar coin to show imagery of both sides.
Cuff 02…$235.00 / pair

Same as Cuff 02 above with a beaded edge sterling silver bezel
Cuff 03…$235 / pair

A matched pair of (choose one) U.S. Indian head / Buffalo nickels, U.S. silver mercury dimes, or English silver 3-pence coins from the 1930s and 1940s. Durable and functional back hand-crafted from sterling silver with hammered finish.
Cuff 04…$50.00 / pair

We also offer small Roman and Greek era coins set in 14kt gold as tie tacks.
Roman and Greek era coins in 14kt gold
Tie 01…$150.00 to $200.00 ea.

Images are to showcase designs; coins are for display only. The coin used in each piece is unique, and the inventory is constantly changing. When a design is chosen, Stio Design will choose the coin(s) especially for you, subject to your approval, based on your requirements and/or historical interests.